About - David J. Gras 

For the past 13 years, David  has presented at conferences, symposiums, and special events on the topic of the moral aspects of fantasy literature.  His research into Mythic/Fantasy literature lead him to his goal of educating youth, adults and parents on the moral and Christian symbolism that is contained within a variety of popular fantasy books, including Harry Potter.

David got his start when his daughter, Courtney, expressed an interest in the Harry Potter book series. As a Christian family, David and his wife Toni were concerned about the messages contained in these books. Rather than forbid his daughter from reading them, David decided to research to moral lessons taught in the books, and found strong moral and Christian themes. Soon after, David started presenting his findings professionally.

Beyond his research in literature, David has established himself as a leader in the fantasy world  by assisting  various websites as a contributor, including HP Fan Zone, and as a part-time staff for Beyond Boundaries Travel on their HP Fan Trips.  He has also enjoyed being present at several Harry Potter movie premiers.

Today, David speaks on behalf of Christ Community Chapel at a variety of professional symposiums. To book David for your next event, visit the Contact page

Previous Presentations:

  Spellbound, Chicago - 2005

  Lumos, Las Vegas - 2006

  Harry Potter Festival, Monroe, Michigan -  2007

  Portus, Dallas - 2008

  Northern Illinois University (NIU)  - 2008

  LeakyCon, Boston - 2009

  Azkatraz, San Francisco- 2009

  Infinitus, Orlando - 2010

  LeakyCon Orlando 2011

  Ascendio 2012 Orlando -  2012

  LeakyCon Chicago -  2012

  Potterwatch Univ. of North Carolina -  2013

  Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia   - 2014

  Misti-Con, New Hampshire - 2015

  Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia - 2015

  Mythgard, University of Maryland - 2016

  Leaky Con, Los Angeles,CA - 2016

  Potterverse, Baltimore, Maryland - 2017

 Chesnut Hill College, Philadelphia - 2017